We are Invest In UK Property.

Our company was born out of a passion for property and superb service from start to finish.

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We pay great rates of interest on your savings and in turn you help us to grow our portfolio.

Our Mission: To provide a sublime standard of housing across the UK where people can enjoy living for many years. Achieving this by adding value to our ever-increasing property portfolio, whilst offering private lenders an unrivalled opportunity to make the best rates of interest available.


We fulfil our promises on time, every time and within budget.


We have a broad skill set & expansive industry knowledge.


Our tenant’s happiness is at the heart of our refurbishments.


We create unique, stylish properties that people want to call home.


Great rates of interest on your savings each and every time. 

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Using our team and expertise we increase the market value of every property we buy through renovating, remodelling, planning gains and/or change of usage. 

About Us.

In a hugely crowded marketplace, full of property management firms, why choose IIUKP?

Because we’re different. Anyone can say that. But we truly believe it.

Meet The Property Trio;

Creating stylish homes through our expertise.

Heidi, Gary & Ashley met in 2019 on a property investment course. We hit it off and quickly realised that our varied careers and expertise come together perfectly to make the ideal skill set for this property business model. 

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Harcourt Street – Complete